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Oct 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
blaming city hall for botching the occupy protests and making officers the scapegoats. >> these officers never asked to be put on the front line for the occupy oakland multiple times. city leaders failed for their indecisiveness. >> oakland is coming up on the one-year deadline to investigate the complaint. the officers could be facing some hearings and arbitrations and the union is promising to defend them vigorously. >> katie: right now in hollister police are in a standoff with a person connected to a missing mother. heather carol has not been seen since a wednesday morning. her car was found on fire south of hollister thursday morning. police went to a house to interview a man about carol and in that interview it was a armed standoff that continued past midnight and involved a s.w.a.t. team sent from santa clara county sheriff's office. they are only saying they are doing everything possible to resolve the situation peacefully. we are monitoring the situation and we will bring you updates on any new information after it becomes available this morning. >> a couple whose crime spree st
Oct 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
series 2-0. the city is dressed in orange and black to keep spirits high. live from civic center plaza. the world series game, when the giants are in a position to clinch the series. is that how it goes? >> that is right. like you say when, if, when, the giants win game three tonight and in position to clinch the world series tomorrow night, this is where game four will be played. all giants can see it for fun. all the video that is already happening in the city. bars, restaurants, buildings district of columbia out in orange and black. giants fever here in san francisco but not just the city. if you take a quick trip down 101 you see a lot of places taking part in the action mercedes dealership. and support pablo for president. listen to some of the excited fans we spoke with. >> it's awesome in orange. >> it's incredible, when you look around the city. i walked down the hill and you see the skyscrapers but orange lights at the top and all the work people put in to show their pride in the giants. >> abc7 news caught up with the team yesterday morning as players, coaches boarded
Oct 20, 2012 8:00am PDT
routes, like rick. he lives in hayward and works in a hotel in foster city on saturday. his usual commute is measured in minutes. >> i get there in 17 minutes and now it will take, i don't know, an hour or more? i don't know. we will see how it goes. >> this woman runs the go-bot combat robot games. >> the games again saturday. she made sure her contestants and audience new of the closure. we are hoping everyone will take that into account. we are hoping everyone will take that into account. caltran asked everyone to plan routes using alternate bridges to travel this weekend. this map shows you the routes you should use when the san mateo bridge is closed. highway 237, the dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge a word to the wise, if you are headed to the giants game at&t park this sunday, make sure you use one of those alternate routes because the san mateo bridge, of course, will be closed. in hayward, abc7 news. >>> for more help navigating around the closer, download our exclusive abc7 waze traffic app. you can do that a >>> the giants are home after. dominatin
Oct 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
people are expected to come to the city to take part in an unprecedented of high profile events. blue jells. we have the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. giants have the playoff game against the reds. that is both tonight and tomorrow. castro street fair, italian heritage parade tomorrow. abc news reporter live with what is going on and, you are aware a lot of people want to be at the marina green. >> absolutely. who says there is not enough going on in san francisco. most of it is taking place at the marina green. check out that gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. from a few short hours, america's cup race hits the bay and blue angels. air show is expected to thrill. but the sheer amount of people could stun some fans that choose to drive. take public transportation to avoid a gridlock nightmare. are a for the blue angels they fly over the traffic and they hope everyone enjoys the show today. >> what you are going to see, they will come in and alternate. diamond will be precision formation flying. so what the solo pilots do is demonstrate the maximum performance of the fa-18.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4